Financial Planning

We have a range of insurance products to protect your most valuable asset - yourself. Having the right insurance helps to cover uncertainties and risks that you and your family may face. It provides you more confidence to achieve all the exciting goals and dreams.

Superannuation is one of the best investment vehicles used to accumulate funds during a working lifetime, and ensures Australians self fund their own retirement and be able to live in the lifestyle that they desire.

Over the course of your working life, contributions add up and your super money is invested by your super fund or yourself (self-managed super fund), so it grows over time. To be financially secure in retirement, it is better to plan and start saving sooner rather than later.

How Superannuation Works

  • Your employer contributes a minimum of 9.5% of your annual salary into your nominated superannuation account.
  • Contribution and earnings in superannuation will be taxed at a maximum of 15% after deducting expenses such as life insurance premium and account fees and charges.
  • Balance in superannuation will be used to make investments and/or pay for life insurance policy. All profits and net contributions will grow inside of superannuation account.
  • Superannuation savings cannot be accessed until you reach a condition of release. In most cases, this is when you retire after passing preservation age.
  • On retirement (or part retirement) after individual’s preservation age, the superannuation fund can transfer its investments to pension phase. In pension phase any profits made from the investments are no longer taxed. (Subject to a maximum amount which is currently $1.6m)
  • Pension account can pay either a lump sum or a regular amount with major tax advantages to your retirement. If you are over age 60, pension income is tax free to individual tax payer.

Take control of your Superannuation

  • Choose your own superannuation account.
  • Consolidate all your superannuation accounts
  • Find your lost super
  • Salary sacrifice into superannuation
  • Benefit from Government Co-Contribution for low income earners
  • Invest into an investment/portfolio of investment products which suits your risk profile
  • Utilise superannuation strategies such as a transition to retirement strategy

Our experienced financial adviser will work closely with you to evaluation your financial situations and develop a personalised plan that meets your needs.

Building an investment portfolio is essential to help you accumulate wealth and create a secure and sustainable financial future. Our experienced financial adviser can help you identify your financial advice needs, set financial goals, give professional advice on asset classes in which you place your funds and strategies relevant to building portfolios.

We are committed to ensuring that the advice we provide to our clients is of the highest standard and is tailored to each client’s individual needs and circumstances. We use different investment strategies, designed to address the needs of investors with different investment goals and with differing attitudes towards investment risk.

Important factors in investments

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